Why the Highly Educated Turn Left

In politics on May 18, 2017 at 4:05 pm

It’s confounding so many highly educated Americans swallow the often false, illogical, dogmatic, hateful claims of the left. 

How is it possible that such well-educated people–many of whom attended elite colleges and universities–have become so gullible?

In a new consideration of America’s second president by Richard Alan Ryerson, John Adams’ Republic, Ryerson points out that Adams warned “about the growth of a rich aristocracy, unmoored from the realities and views of the population from which it emerged…” 

This prescient warning from Adams has, unfortunately, become all too true throughout our culture as the progressive left dominates America’s education and communication outlets.

Marching & Name-Calling are not Policies

It’s not as if educated progressives offer some new panacea for American governance.  In fact, there are no longer even policy differences the left champions over the right, unless you count defying the Constitution, calling global-warming skeptics “deniers,” and attempting to overthrow the Trump government as policy differences.   

Instead of presenting cogent arguments, the left chooses to conduct marches every other week opposing whatever Trump has done the previous week.  Participants in the marches, many of whom are paid indirectly by George Soros, are lackeys of control freaks like Soros, the Clintons, and the Obamas, who decided, rather sinisterly, to stay in D.C. and foment dissent, speaking out regularly to protect their government-in-your-face legacy. 

 Censorship & Government Control Kill Freedom

What’s worse, the highly educated lefties stand behind and encourage the left-wing crazies who are taking to the streets.  Whether it’s Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, Woman Against Trump, the left is determined to change our government to its own image of what our government should be.  Whether that’s socialism, communism, or anarchy probably depends upon whom you ask.

But regardless of utopian yearnings, the universal left-wing answer is: Trump must go.

The media, too, has become more or less unhinged in its criticism of President Trump, joining hands with elitist college professors who believe in censorship of conservative speech because it opposes their Marxist doctrine of “equality.” 

What’s so dangerous about all this is that if Barack Obama had been left in charge of the U.S. government long enough, the erosion of freedom, under the ruse of “fairness,” would have continued with more anti-constitutional regulations put into place, increasing government control over private property, free speech, and individual liberty.

Democrats Behaving Like Spoiled Children

The newly elected head of the DNC, Tom Perez, has also decided to ramp up his rhetoric with curse words that he informs his audience his mother warned him not to use. 

It’s as if the Democrat Party is today nothing more than an angry mob of disgruntled people that didn’t get its way in November, and has, therefore, decided to bitch and moan like children whose favorite toy has been taken away. 

Thus the left’s self-gratification has been stymied until, at least, the next election, assuming such bad—even violent, criminal, and/or vile—behavior will substitute for convincing arguments to elect their candidates.

 Judicial Decisions Based on How the Wind Blows

Today’s left-wing elite has, in fact, usurped our culture—movies, media, and education—so that freedom of expression has become censored and overridden by progressive propaganda which is undermining our democracy. 

The dictatorship of the left has become so pervasive it has even—and perhaps most devastatingly—influenced a plethora of lower court judicial decisions, now widely based on subjective opinion from over 300 justices appointed by Obama.

Recent court decisions against the president’s attempt to legally ban—on a temporary basis—immigration from six Muslim-dominated countries were decided by lower courts citing campaign statements made by Trump.  According to the left, campaign statements take precedence over the commander-in-chief’s right to protect the country.  In short, the courts now think they can essentially frame foreign policy.

Subjectivity also dominated the decision by five Supreme Court justices that permitted Obamacare to continue its failure by assuming the role of legislators and insisting the ACA was really meant to be a tax, though the actual legislation stipulates it is not.

Are We Still Living in the 1960’s?

Democrats continue to idealize the 1960’s, their heyday, when Martin Luther King spoke out forcefully for freedom for oppressed blacks.  However, King also advocated peaceful protests, exemplified by the march from Selma to Montgomery.

But what Democrats also recall about the Sixties is the Haight-Asbury crew that wandered the downtown streets of San Francisco, smoking pot, confronting cops, and avoiding private-sector employment, which they considered the lifestyle of the bourgeoisie, and decidedly not for them. (No wonder so many of them became college professors.)

During the Sixties, the left took over a number of universities, forcing administrations to give in to their demands.  Unfortunately nothing has changed. Today’s administrators are regularly cowed by outspoken students who refuse to let conservative speakers speak on campus.  There is only one opinion that counts on many of today’s campuses–the left’s anti-free-speech dictum. 

But it isn’t only on campuses that the left imposes its domination.  Professional lefties are determined to take over how Americans think, even about gender.  Having achieved a non-constitutional victory over centuries of commonly accepted marriage, they now are determined to push for more “civil rights”—everything Democrats advocate is couched as civil rights—attempting to make transgender bathrooms mandatory.

The Left Denies Common Sense

The left is always eager to do away with traditional practice to foster some progressive idea that turns common sense on its head to exert more control over human lives.

Think about the left’s support of teachers’ unions over charter schools, thus severely limiting the education opportunities of those disadvantaged blacks they always claim to support during elections.

Another example of imposing what boomerangs: the diversity embraced by college admissions people.  This legal, though foolish, idealism places too many unqualified students in freshman classes, inevitably causing too many drop-outs.

Furthermore, despite diversity’s supposedly enlarging campus understanding of “all types,” minority students generally socialize together, proving that the brave new world of the left is based on a false assumption: that human nature can be changed.

 A World of Shadows

The left lives in a world of shadows, where Marxist idealism wins the hearts and minds of those who refuse to accept the horrors of historical Marxist failures, let alone its frightening failures today in Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea. 

The inequalities within these dictatorships belie the premise of a Marxist classless society.  But—as John Adams predicted—arguing from the foundation of reality has no bearing on elite lefties who believe they know best and will continue to pursue their pipedreams, regardless of how they damage the Republic.

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Grow up, Mr. President

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Tweets Don’t Get the Job Done
Stop with the inane tweets. Who are you tweeting to, anyhow? The media? If so, the media loves them, laps them up, like cats slurping milk. Turns tomorrow’s headlines into sensational news items. Is that what you really want?

Yes, we know there are many who like your tweets, who think your opponents deserve a poke in the eye. But your job is bigger–much bigger–than retaliating to every schnook who doesn’t like you. Being president demands respect. To earn it, you have to be above the crowd, not part of it.

We know you think the tweets enable you to say what you want anytime you want to, even at five in the morning after a sleepless night of rising temper. But, seriously, President Trump, you’re not in sixth grade. You’re president of the U.S.

Pragmatism Has Its Limits
Someone said recently that sometimes you’re seventy and sometimes you’re seven. Maybe that accounts for your bi-polar behavior. One day you’re against NATO because it’s “obsolete.” The next day you think NATO is great, but that members need to pay their “fair share.” This kind of hot and cold declaration leaves your supporters wondering what you truly believe, or if, in fact, you truly believe in anything for more than five minutes.

Being a pragmatist has its virtues, but also its obvious confusions, especially when you keep shooting your mouth off before you have weighed the pros and cons of the issue. Mr. President, the issues you discuss so openly have serious consequences. They are quite different from making a business decision about where to build a new hotel or country club.

After the Obamacare repeal and replacement bill failed to gain enough votes in the House, you blamed the Freedom Caucus, said you might primary them in the next election, said you would work with Democrats to pass the bill. That was really stupid, Mr. President. The Democrats are not about to help you destroy former President Obama’s legacy legislation. You need the Freedom Caucus to pass it. There isn’t any other alternative.

So after ranting and raging against members of your own team, you finally came to the realization that you were elected as a Republican, that you need a majority of Republican votes to pass any piece of legislation. That’s just common sense, especially in today’s world when antipathy between the two parties has grown so intense even a spark of disagreement can blaze into a four-alarm fire.

You Can’t Afford to Lose Support, Mr. President
The Ronald Reagan days when he not only swept the Electoral College vote, but also the popular vote are over. You didn’t win the popular vote, no matter how often you say you had an “overwhelming” victory.

Your current approval rating is less than “iffy”; it’s historically below any other President at this point in his presidency. Do you know why? It’s because you keep making over-the-top statements about what we can expect and then have to face up to the reality of its failure or postponement.

Your Supporters Want Promises Kept
Like the repeal-and-replace. And the so-called “big” tax reform bill that’s waiting, according to you, to move forward any moment, but remains sitting in the wings until the repeal-and-replace bill gets passed, if it ever does.

All this on top of your failure to gain judicial approval to temporarily stop the influx of immigrants from six Muslim countries that undoubtedly pose danger to the American people.

The point is, much of what you are trying to do makes sense and helped you become president. But now those promises are not enough. What you fail to understand is that there’s a huge–to use one of your favorite adjectives–difference between what you promised as a candidate and what you can deliver–or, at least, deliver by pressing a button–once in office.

No matter that you have a Republican majority in the House and Senate, it still remains up to your leadership and negotiating skills to accomplish victory for your policies. What’s ironic is that you have been credited as the great deal-maker, the man who wrote The Art of the Deal. And yet the skills which you advocate in business may not be enough in the political world, where divisions between parties–and even within them–are so extreme.

Good News: A Foreign Policy Correction
Nevertheless, despite the above scolding, you are accomplishing a needed correction in foreign policy, particularly since, as Commander-in-Chief, you can do much without congressional approval. Your decision to use force against Syria proved to the world that America is no longer going to sit passively by as rogue countries destroy innocent people with banned weapons. You have shown with one devastating strike that you will not be another Obama, drawing imaginary red lines.

Unlike your domestic goals that you keep touting before you have the votes to put them into effect, you have effectively kept under wraps your specific actions against countries that insist on doing what they have been warned and prohibited from doing.

In addition, your dropping a 21,600-pound, non-nuclear bomb on ISIS tunnels in Afghanistan supports those in that country attempting to root out terrorist activity and achieve peace. It’s also a heavy-weight, blockbuster statement of your overall plan to defeat ISIS.

North Korea apparently has not yet gotten the message that America will not put up with its continuing nuclear missile threats, threats from an unstable ruler who keeps spending billions on destructive weapons that challenge the free world. In the past, these threats have been used to gain concessions from America, but you have made it clear that those days are over. So we wait, Mr. President, to see how this will end and hope that you will be able to accomplish what your predecessors were unable to.

Your Biggest Accomplishment So Far: Justice Gorsuch
You must also be congratulated on your major accomplishment so far, the nomination and Senate approval of new Supreme Court Justice Neil M. Gorsuch, a man whose record as appeals court justice proves he is an originalist who will abide by the Constitution, rather than subjective opinions, based on current political winds.

Your supporters, Mr. President, want you to succeed. But we also want you to be creditable. We want you to make judicious decisions after clear thought and private deliberation. We want you to avoid premature hype and infantile public squawks because someone has thrown a rotten tomato in your direction.

Grow up, Mr. President. There’s too much at stake. For all of us.

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Utopia Is Not on the Map

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 It’s a promise of Heaven on earth. Shangri-la. A return to Eden. It’s always tempting. But only a conman travel agent will sell you a ticket, though apparently there are always plenty of would-be travelers.

It’s not only Democrats–pardon–progressives who believe in it. The House Freedom Caucus does, too.

Unfortunately, the Marxist-leaning lefties and the libertarian-leaning righties don’t seem to realize that Utopia doesn’t, has never, and will never, exist. At least in this life.

In case you’re not sure why, it’s because Utopia is a figment of the imagination, a big, fat temptation to fork over your vote and then discover that reality is something less, much less, though Utopians keep telling you it will materialize next time, if you keep voting for them.

If you’re on the left, you want social justice, which supposedly means a classless society, where government rules benignly, and everybody lives happily ever after.

If you’re a dedicated right-winger, you lean as far away from government control as humanly possible, which means you want an army to defend you, taxes to pay for it, and damn little else–from government. Therefore, you couldn’t abide what some called Obamacare-lite.

No Wonder GOP Healthcare Lost

Thus the Republican election-promise of repealing and reforming Obamacare fell on its face and is not likely to be getting up any time soon.

You could blame it on Speaker Paul Ryan or President Donald Trump or House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, but you’d be wrong. It wasn’t one person who pulled the plug on the deal. It was two armed camps.

Of course the Democrats didn’t vote for it. Why would they? They gave America Obamacare, thousands of pages of guaranteed failure. And former president Obama knew it would fail –hoped, in fact, it would. His real goal, what he wanted in the first place, was single-payer healthcare, a socialist cure-all that would wrap government’s arms so tight around the population people would never be able to wrench themselves free.

Of course the conservative Freedom Caucus didn’t vote for it. Why would they? To them, it was still too much government control over individual choice, with the pay-off of a thirty percent tax if you didn’t re-up for insurance. That, to them, was a neon sign shouting “mandate” over and over again. These died-in-the-wool conservatives didn’t want another piece of legislation with government fingerprints. So they were never on board. Or, at least, most of them weren’t, despite veiled–or not so veiled–threats from Republican leaders and the art-of-the-deal-maker himself.

Thus we had two we’ll-go-down-with-the-ship groups opposing each other, daring the other to take a step forward. The impetuous president was ready to go full-steam ahead, no matter what. Until he and the leadership realized they simply didn’t have the votes to win, then retreat seemed better than being torpedoed in battle.

Two irresistible forces will never give way unless one is willing to surrender. And neither force is likely to surrender when each is striving for a perfect world in which either socialism triumphs over capitalism or the air is let out of the government behemoth, the latter as unlikely today as shrinking a whale down to a minnow.

Why the Left Keeps Winning

The way things are going in America, it’s much more likely that socialism will subsume capitalism. Our country has been headed in that direction since at least FDR’s welfare programs in the Thirties showed people that government was a kind old, rich gentleman who would give people a helping hand through life–from cradle to grave, as the expression has it. And then along came LBJ in the Sixties to push the country further to the left with his “war on poverty” that actually paid people not to work and paid women more to remain unmarried and keep having children. All this government largess simply begged for higher taxes to feed the ever-increasing claims of Americans on the dole.

Libertarians and conservatives have for decades had to stand by and watch the erosion of everything they believed in. Though Calvin Coolidge proved that lower taxes and a skinflint government worked, the good times of the Twenties went to everyone’s head.

The stock market climbed toward the sky; taxi drivers became financial gurus; shoeshine boys began to whistle “I’m in the money.” But instead of voting in another less-is-more president, America chose Herbert Hoover, who morphed into Humpty-Dumpty in 1929. Thus followed the terrible fall, and the inevitable crack-up. That left most people depressed and out of cash, until WWII gave American males a job in the armed forces, and, at the same time, generated the overtime sweat of Rosie the Riveter in American factories, cranking out reams of munitions and supplies to win the war.

History is a story that can’t be re-written, and ever onward it unfolds, dragging us into the Great New World promised by progressives who, since Roosevelt, keep insisting that progress really means government controlling our lives, at a mighty big cost–your freedom.

Where We Are Now

So where does that leave us today? With a failing healthcare system, and the progressive promise of a “happier” tomorrow with single-payer healthcare. It also leaves us with Republican promises that exploded on the House floor.

Republicans kept telling us we needed to win the House. So we did. Then they told us we needed to win the Senate. So we did. Then they told us we needed to win the presidency. So we did. Yet here we are, still trying to hold our pants up without a belt.

Despite the left and right trying to convince us that Utopia is right around the corner, the only way we can move ahead is to pause in the middle, where we will find–not the promised land, but—common sense. That’s what Aristotle called “the golden mean,” that point mediating the extremes. It’s high time to plant the flag of compromise there, giving up just enough to modify right-and-left do-or-dies. Without compromise, we remain stuck with irresponsible government programs like Obamacare, excess without end.

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