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In his essay on George Orwell’s 1984, American critic Irving Howe had this to say: “Orwell’s profoundest insight is that in a totalitarian world man’s life is shorn of dynamic possibilities.  The end of life is completely predictable in its beginning, the beginning merely a manipulated preparation for the end.”

Think about that.  It’s a frightening statement, which Orwell illustrates so poignantly and profoundly in his novel.  But the extent of the damnation goes even deeper, as Howe points out: “The totalitarian state assumes that—given modern technology, complete political control, the means of terror and rationalized contempt for moral tradition—anything is possible.  Anything can be done with men, anything with their minds, with history and with words.  Reality is no longer something to be acknowledged or experienced or even transformed; it is fabricated according to the need and will of the state…”

This is exactly what is happening in America under the perverted leadership of Barack Obama and his administration and will certainly continue under the leadership of Hillary Clinton and her administration.

Obama’s Insane Worldview

Thanks to a complicit media and academic community, the moral fiber of America has been turned to jelly, making it pliable to the whims of government and eager sycophants.   Even today half the country—more or less—stands behind President Obama, who has managed in only six-and-a-half years to corrupt American values, domestically and abroad.

Recently Fox anchor Lou Dobbs stated that contrary to many who think that Obama is clueless and has no strategy for dismantling America’s power in the world, he believes that that is Obama’s strategy.  Certainly no sane person, with an ounce of common sense, would virtually give Iran, an avowed enemy of freedom, the right to produce a nuclear bomb, and, at the same, release billions of dollars, now imposed by sanctions, to help them do it.

Certainly no sane person would tell Russian dictator Vladimir Putin—as Secretary of State John Kerry did—that the U.S. will rescind its sanctions, imposed because of Russia’s military takeover of Crimea, if Russia will limit itself only to taking over Crimea.

Obama has now taken Cuba off the U.S. terror list.  No one except Obama imagines the Castro brothers have changed their terrorist policies from what they were since taking over the country in 1960.  So why is he doing this?  Best guess is that Obama wants to give Guantanamo back to Cuba so he can fulfill his campaign promise to close the prison.  Question is: How does this help America?

Why, too, did Obama release five of the most dangerous Taliban terrorists from Guantanamo prison and virtually set them free to return to the battlefield, while exchanging them for a U.S. army deserter?

And here’s what Democratic strategists say about this action: They endorse it, claiming America “leaves no prisoners behind.”  This is a perfect example of what Howe characterizes as totalitarianism’s “rationalized contempt for moral tradition.”

Obama’s Black vs. White Divisiveness

Despite increased inner-city, black-on-black murders, Obama’s false narrative is that the police forces of America are to blame for inner-city violence. However, overall, there have been only a handful of cases of cops killing blacks, and in every case, the evidence shows that blacks were either attacking the officers or fleeing them.  Furthermore, Obama’s campaign against police is now resulting in blacks randomly murdering cops.  

In Baltimore, as a result of Federal intervention, supported by the black mayor, black prosecuting attorney, and black rabble rouser Al Sharpton, whom Obama always sends to gin up black dissent, there is increased violence, making inner-city Baltimore more of a hell-hole than ever.  If the blacks who live in the Baltimore inner city could think for themselves instead of react as government pawns, they would realize how Obama is actually punishing them by forcing the cops to refrain from protecting innocent people.  They would also realize that all their rioting, looting, and killing chases away business from their community.

Unfortunately, inner-city blacks are perfect examples of how a totalitarian government can co-op the will of the people and turn people into barbarians.

When you ask why Obama is lashing out against U.S. police forces, you come up with the same answer as to why Obama is weakening U.S. defenses around the world: That’s his strategy.

Obama: The Anti-Reagan

So the larger question is: What does he gain with this strategy?  It’s more than Saul Alinsky posits in his Rules for Radicals, because Obama has already gained power using Alinsky’s tactics.

What Obama wants is what he told America when he ran for president in 2008: To transform the country in the opposite direction of President Reagan; Obama was determined to be the anti-Reagan.  Hidden behind Obama’s “hope and change” rhetoric was a perversion of the term “transformation.”  What he wanted was to impose his meaning of reality, which amounts to a reign of terror on America, resulting in world-wide and domestic chaos.

Has the American Voter Surrendered?

The Obama long-range strategy is that those that come after him—i.e., Hillary, et al—can preside over a docile American population that will be glad to give up its individualism and Constitutional freedoms for obedience to government in exchange for government largesse.  In short, it’s about power over people–instituting the reign of totalitarianism Orwell and many others predicted as a possibility.

Unfortunately, many Democrats—rich and poor, black and white, male and female—do not understand what totalitarianism means; they do not understand how it subverts American values and subjects Americans to the will of the government.

We can, of course, argue about why Obama pursues such an evil goal.  But even a brief look at his background and influences gives us an obvious answer.  As his pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright shouted out in his sermon: “God damn America!”   Like Wright, Obama thoroughly dislikes the country he leads, and has spent most of his presidency seeking revenge.

So far no one has been able to stop him.  Will America wake up before Hillary follows in Obama’s footsteps?  The answer is an open question.

Therefore, the next presidential election will not be a contest between Democrats and Republicans; it will be a contest between increased individual freedom and increased government control.

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